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23 mar 2011

KROHNE produces new multiphase flowmeter for Shell

  • KROHNE chosen for manufacturing, marketing and sales of first inline magnetic resonance flowmeter for oil & gas field applications
  • Simultaneous measurement of liquid and gaseous flow phases at the well

On March 21, Shell and KROHNE signed an agreement to commercialize a new multiphase flowmeter based on the Magnetic Resonance principle for oil and gas field installations. The agreement comprises the manufacturing, marketing and sales of the new meter which was developed through an R&D collaboration between Shell and magnetic resonance specialist Spinlock. The aim is to bring the first generation flow meter into operation in 2012.

The Magnetic Resonance (MR) principle is based on the alignment of nuclear spins in a constant permanent magnetic field, followed by perturbing this alignment with a radio frequency pulse. KROHNE is the first manufacturer to implement this measurement principle in an inline multiphase flow meter for use in oil&gas field applications, allowing to measure flow velocity and volume of both gas and liquid flow phases simultaneously without separating the phases. The most important field of application for this type of flow meter will be the measurement of crude oil directly at the well where it is basically a mixture of oil, natural gas and water. The application of a MR flow meter will give oil companies major cost reduction.

“Leveraging enhanced and more cost-effective multi-phase metering solutions in our operations is a priority area for Shell. With KROHNE we have found a recognized partner to commercialize this exciting technology” said Jeroen Regtien, Vice-President Hydrocarbon Recovery Technologies.

“This new and highly innovative measuring principle fits perfectly in the KROHNE culture and is a strategic addition to the existing product portfolio“ said Stephan Neuburger, Managing Director of the KROHNE group.

Contact for inquiries

For further inquiries regarding the magnetic resonance multiphase flowmeter (M-PHASE 5000) please go to the following link:

M-PHASE 5000 product page

Or contact Mark van der Zande (product manager multiphase flowmeters) at

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