Need good cargo tank levels?

Some tanker operators are struggling with bad performing cargo monitoring systems, where costs are galloping on maintenance and repairs. In such situations, it may be worthwhile to calculate a complete exchange of the system or vital parts of it. The price for a total overhaul is not necessarily frightening, and may save a whole lot on the long run.

The later months we have performed 3 quick complete retrofits of cargo monitoring systems for Stolt Nielsen and Herning. To save as much costs as possible, we work closely with the ship’s crew to find the most effective solutions for installation and work. You can read more by clicking on the links to the right.

Reduced installation cost

Our experienced engineers helps you identify upgrade paths that minimize the cost of the upgrade:        

The OPTIWAVE radars may be installed on existing trunks/deck penetrations to save installation time and cost (must be verified by our engineers).

Installed temperature sensors may be reused, or new sensors can be installed inside existing protection pipes. An inert gas pressure sensor is mounted on the radar’s flange; hence there is no tank penetration for this sensor.

The equipment in Cargo Control Room is compact and easy to place. Existing cabinets may be reused, or a new cabinet may be placed in an adjacent room if space is limited in CCR. Computers and monitors are normally easy to fit.

Installation of OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine on main deck
Replacement of electronics can be done in existing cabinet, or if more cost effective; replacing the complete cabinet.