Degasing in soft drinks & mineral water production

Water treatment and dissolvement of gases

The water quality is a crucial factor in the production of soft drinks. The water treatment required depends on the quality of the water source: sometimes no treatment is required, in other regions, the well water has to be treated and conditioned before use. These standard water treatment processes do not eliminate the presence of dissolved gases in the water. Oxygen is the greatest enemy in beverage production and particularly storage, where it would lead to a reduced shelf life. It leads to oxidation of the added flavouring, which damages the taste. So it is important to prevent oxygen getting into the finished beverage at all stages, and the original source water has always to be reliably degassed. In the degassing chamber, vacuum conditions are created to extract any dissolved gases from the water, which is stirred by continuous pumping.

KROHNE offers quality process instrumentation to monitor and control these water treatment and degassing processes, such as the OPTITEMP temperature probes and OPTIBAR pressure measurement sensors. OPTIFLUX electromagnetic flowmeters are accurate and economical, and can be used to control the flow of the degassed water around the process.


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