Thermocouple (TC) temperature assembly for high temperature applications

  • Compression fitting or sliding flange connection
  • Welded multipart thermowell with straight tip
  • -40…+1150°C / +2100°F

OPTITEMP TCA-P62 – Standard version

Thermocouple (TC) temperature assembly OPTITEMP TCA-P62 – Standard version

The OPTITEMP TCA-P62 is a plug-in thermocouple (TC) assembly with a straight welded multipart thermowell made of 1.4762 / AISI 446 or 1.4767 / Kanthal AF. The high temperature assembly is particularly suitable for temperature measurement of flue and combustion gases up to +1150°C / +2100°F as well as in applications where the thermowell is exposed to mechanical abrasion. It can be used at low operational pressures. The OPTITEMP TCA-P62 can be mounted to pipes, stacks and ducts by a gas-tight compression fitting or a sliding flange.

Product highlights

  • High temperature measurement of gases
  • Thermowell material: 1.4762 / AISI 446 or 1.4767 / Kanthal AF
  • Standard or customised lengths
  • Different connection heads available (IP54…IP68)
  • With optional temperature transmitter

Typical applications

  • High temperature measurement of flue gases or other furnace exhaust gases at ambient or low operating pressures
  • Suitable for combustion process applications in various industries:
    • Power generation
    • Iron and steel
    • Chemical
    • Rubbish incineration
    • Basic materials

Product details

Product categoryThermocouple (TC) temperature assembly
Alternative product categoriesTC probe, Thermocouple probe

Technical data

Product typeTemperature assembly
Measurement principlesThermocouple (TC)
Measured mediaGases
Measuring pointPipe
Temperature sensor connection type optionCeramic terminal block, Flying wires, Temperature transmitter
Measuring insert replaceableYes
Sensor mountingPlug-in
Thermowell diameters19 mm / 0.75", 22 mm / 0.87"
Assembly with thermowellYes
Measuring insert typeReplaceable spring loaded mineral isolated measuring insert OPTITEMP TC 100
Thermowell tip designStraight
Thermowell typeMultipart welded
Thermowell form (according to DIN 43772)Form 1
Wetted partsFerritic stainless steel (1.4762/AISI 446), Ferritic alloy (1.4767/Kanthal AF)

Process connections

Compression fittingsMale:
G3/4, G1
Other connectionsSliding flange